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Photoinitiator APi-1206

Performance summary. 
Special initiator for TFT-LCD flat panel display color filter process. 
It is especially suitable for making black matrix (Black Matrix). 
Excellent photosensitivity of I-line (365 nm). 
Excellent high pigment tolerance and PGMEA solubility. 
Excellent substitutes for BASF Irgacure OXE-02 and 03 products. 
Recommended use. 
TFT-LCD flat panel display color filter production, photosensitive ink, electronic material ink. 
Product introduction. 
APi-1206 is a highly active photoinitiator for UV photocuring. It has high photosensitivity to 365nm wavelengths and is suitable for light curing of colored systems, including black pigment systems. This product has the following advantages: 
Can withstand carbon black pigments up to 35%wt. 
Photoinitiator for ultra-thin film (1-30 μ m) curing system; when the film is thicker, it can be used with 369pm ITX Bapo or TPO. 
The photoinitiation activity is equal to or better than that of OXE-02 and OXE-01. The photoinitiation efficiency and photosensitivity are higher than 369 and 379 respectively. 
Zero VOC release. 
Suitable for colored pigment system and high viscosity system. 
Recommended usage is 0.1-2%wt. 
physical property. 
Appearance: yellow powder purity: ≥ 99.0% odor: slight odor flash point: > 145C vapor pressure (25 ℃, < 0.01mmHg). 
The solubility in PGMEA: is 12.3% at room temperature. Wt is soluble in most acrylate monomers insoluble in water.


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